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" I've been to a lot of places for massages and this one is the best by far. This is the only place I've been where I relax to the point of falling asleep literally every time. I have a lot of back problems related to retail and stress. The people who work here know their stuff. I've been combining going to Natural Healing with going to my chiropractor and have found that both go a long way to making me feel better. Definitely a customer for life. "

Melina V, Retail Selling Specialist, Macy's

" I was excited to see Arian for the first time a couple of months ago for a massage. I had heard great things about her from my good friend and wanted to experience a massage by her first hand. The location was convenient and there was plenty of parking. Arian greeted me with a smile when I first came in and I felt at ease and was eager to get my massage on. Haha. I felt comfortable getting completely undressed because Arian is completely professional and her space is spacious and clean. I remember chatting half way through the massage and completely zoning out in silence the rest of the time. I was so at ease and completely relaxed that I may have even drifted off to sleep. During the massage I felt great but the lasting effects were awesome. I carried the rejuvenation with me throughout the rest of the day and into the week. I would certainly recommend Arian and her facilities for all of your massage needs. Get ready to be relaxed. ."

- Lisa Gomes, Attorney

" Well, 2 years ago I severely injured my shoulder rotator cuff. Was told to have surgery. I had heard so many bad things about the surgery, I just could not do it. My Orthopedic surgeon recommended I have Arian try to alleviate my pain and mobility before succumbing to surgery. Well, it took about 6 month and with her massage and manipulation to cure me. And I mean cure me!!! I can do everything with this arm. I am so grateful!! Doctor impressed!! Now I go to her for relaxation! If I ever injure myself I will be back asap. Sweet and healing is all I can say about her! God bless her for helping me and others! "

- Silvia, Grief Specialist

"After seeing every type of doctor imaginable for my horrible mid-back pain, I came to Arian (at tears from a year of chronic pain) for a try at a therapeutic trigger-point massage. Well I could NOT believe how much my pain was reduced the next day! In fact - she was the ONLY one who noticed that my back muscles were not moving correctly - my shoulder scapulas were "frozen" onto my rib cage - rendering my back practically immobile. I am amazed that the host of specialists (chiro, orthopedist, physiologist, physical therapist, etc.) did not notice this when I sought their help for back pain!! This lady definitely knows the muscles too - and how they work together as one kinetic chain - I find her sessions enlightening and helpful - and my back is now CURED! She quite literally gave me my life back."

-Cassie, Business Development Manager

" I met Arian several years ago when she worked with a Physical Therapy group in Lorton, VA. I lost contact but was thrilled to find her again at her new location. She is nothing short of fabulous. Just the right amount of pressure, she finds those trigger points that have been there so long they don't know how to relax. But with a little coaxing from Arian, those muscles are totally relaxed. Arian is very professional and sensitive to her clients modesty. She is also very friendly and personable. Even my granddaughter likes going to Arian. I have recommended several friends and they all loved her services. I am so glad I found her again." 

- Debbie, Retired

Fell in love with Arian after 5 minutes of my 1st massage. Not only is she an amazing massage therapist but she has an amazing soul. She makes you feel so comfortable and I felt like we were old friends. She is very thorough with the massage and I always leave feeling 100% better. Love her!

-Katie, Intelligence Analyst 

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