"A Healing Touch"



Paraffin Hand Dip: $10

Hand Scrub: $10

choice of peppermint or lavender sugar exfoliating scrub  

Hand Exfoliation with Chamomile Mud Masque: $15

lavender sugar exfoliating scrub with mud masque and lavender oil 

Arthritis Therapy: $40 (30 minute session)

3 step process

1. reflexology massage with hemp infused cream 2. paraffin dip 3. hot stone reflexology massage

Hand Elevation: $50 (50 minute session)

lavender hand exfoliation with chamomile mud masque, hot stone massage with silk bamboo lotion, paraffin dip


Paraffin Foot Dip: $10

Foot Scrub: $15

choice of peppermint or lavender sugar exfoliating scrub

Foot Exfoliation with chamomile mud mask:$20                                            

lavender sugar exfoliating scrub with mud masque and lavender oil 

Foot Escape: $35 (30 minute session)

Choice of peppermint or lavender foot scrub, reflexology massage with foot gloves

Sole Rejuvenation: $55 (60 minute session)

choice of peppermint or lavender hand and foot exfoliation, paraffin foot dip, hot stone reflexology massage with moisturizing foot gloves


Pain Away Oil:$10

hemp oil and essential oils are blended together and used throughout your massage to soothe aches and pains

Hot and Cold Stone Face Massage:(coming soon)

Scalp Energizer: $10

scalp massage with an essential oil blend helps to emotional balance,             enhance blood circulation to head and neck, helps promote hair growth

Cooling Cucumber Eye Mask: $7

Hand and Foot Exfoliation with Chamomile Mud Mask:$30 (25 minute session)

avender sugar exfoliating scrub with mud masque and lavender oil 

Ear Candling: $30 (25 minute session)

Sinus Relief: (Coming Soon)

ear candling followed by scalp energizer and marble stone face massage

Trigger Point Cupping: $50 (45 minute session)

cupping service is used on targeted area of body (upper, mid, lower) for trigger point release followed by massage with our pain away oil